Hannah Rosenthal on Current Trends in Anti-Semitism

How do you differentiate between legitimate criticisms of the Israeli state and anti-Semitic sentiment? And how do you promote freedoms of expression while still curtailing anti-Semitic hate speech? Hannah Rosenthal, State Department Special Envoy to Combat and Monitor Semitism, joins Jacques Berlinerblau on Faith Complex to explain how her office deals with these and other difficult questions.

Created by a 2004 Congressional mandate, the Office of the Special Envoy aims to monitor the status of anti-Semitism and Jewish communities in 193 countries. In this video, Rosenthal discusses which countries are making admirable progress and which fall short, the inadvertent repercussions of the Arab Spring, and measures she uses to distinguish anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism.

Also don’t miss our bonus clip of Special Envoy Rosenthal explaining how being the daughter of Holocaust survivors informs her life and quest for social justice.

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